8 Types Of Girls You Will Date In The University

8 Types Of Girls You Will Date In The University



Going through University is an awesome experience and if you decide to write a book about it, you can write a lot.

If you’re the type who has been around the block, you realize there are many characters of women around and dating will reveal a lot  of interesting characters in the women you go out with.

They all come in different packages and so without much ado, here are 8 types of girls you will date in the university.



1.The “Chrife” Girl

Now you should know that, it will take a lot of effort and time to win this type of girl and even by the time you are able to woo her, you might have gone to all prayer sessions, gospel events, church every Sunday, etc.

When you finally woo her, that’s when you realize they are more than what meets the eye.

They are sex freaks who pretend in churches, but wild in bed. You find them always at church and on the campus park always engrossed in prayer sessions

2.The “Booklong”

If you really want to date this kind of girl, you need to always be at the library or group studies. You always see them walking around with books either going for group studies or going to the library to learn.

If you’re the kind of guy who is good at mathematics, they are always seen in your presence to help them solve maths.

To woo them, you need to be good at writing long intelligent poems and you must know your chemistry, physics and maths. You must also know a lot about novels on the shelves.

3.The Athlete

These are the type of girls who are into sports and expects you to be fit. If you want to date them, you must be a footballer or good at some sort of sports. Be it basketball or the tracks, you must excel or else if you hit the bedroom, that’s when you will realize she’s a runner and she will leave  you struggling to catch your breadth

4.The Party Girl

Okay! Probably these are the kind of girls you don’t want to mess with if you don’t have that much cash.

You find them always partying and moving to every event in town and organising parties for their girls girls and making sure the guys pay.

Is as if they came to school just to party and you hardly find them sitting by books. If you date them, you might end up spending your tuition fees and lying to your father mice chewed the money.

5.The Best Friend

This is the kind of girl you least expect to date because you see her like your buddy buddy.

But unfortunately, you end up sexing her and then you realize she’s just a friend and before you know it, you’re into “friends with benefit.”

She’s the only one who will play Fifa 14, 15 etc. with you and supports your favourite team and goes out to watch soccer with you,  she knows all your girlfriends and even helps you outwit them.

She cooks your favourite food and is ready to even wash your clothes and all you see in her is your best friend.

6.The Perfect Catch

Sometimes after messing up with all the wrong girls, you finally find one who fits correctly.

She is intelligent, the sex is good, well mannered, principled, just the right person you’re looking for and that’s the time you mess up big time and she walks out and when you try winning her back, she will tell you, “I’m sorry, but we can still be friends”.

7.The Innocent Girl

These are the kind of girls who really struggled probably from the village to make it to school and are usually naive and depend solely on you when you date them.

Their dressing is not all that appealing and they seem to be learning new things but they are easily influenced.

When they finally get to know “what life is about”, you will see where pepper lies. They always surpass even the dons on campus.

8.The “I Don’t Care” Girl

These kind of girls roll with anybody on campus and doesn’t care about the latest fashion or the usual things women are really concerned about.

They don’t dress fashionably and are always in the company of boys and knows all the gist in town but do not give a damn about anybody.

She can come to class without combing her hair or tidying herself up. They are usually Tomboys.

Funny enough they are the types who appear to be more intelligent and when you date them, they are usually more faithful but unfortunately due to their way of life, they appear to be or are suspected to be unfaithful because they are always in the company of boys.




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