9 Ways Ghanaians Celebrate Christmas

ama k dcryme mcbrown family

Christmas is almost here and it’s a season of joy and merry making. People use the opportunity to do various stuff they weren’t able to do through out the year. Some visit families and friends, some throw parties, others visit that holiday location etc.

In Ghana, it’s no different. Christmas in Ghana is full of activities and trips. Poeple and families visit extended families in remote ares or even in the city. Friends get together to drink and make merry. Companies organise end of year programmes etc etc.

Below I present to you typical ways Ghanaians spend Christmas.

1. Visit Friends and Family

ama k dcryme mcbrown family

You can’t go through the holiday period without visiting family and friends. They’ll never forgive you if you do. People actually call you to let you know they’ll be expecting you….lol

2. Go on an excursion or visit a place of interest


Some individuals, groups, companies etc, plan trips to places of interest like the Kakum park, Boti falls, Wli falls, the Monkey Sanctuary, Paga, just to mention a few. Patronage to a place like the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum increases during this period.


3. Attend Church programmes;

Church worship sudan

There can’t be Christmas without church activities. In Ghana those who do not attend church, will visit some church during Christmas. Most churches become full during this period.

4. Send gifts to their Pastors


Christmas is synonymous with gift sharing right. If you’re a church person, you can’t go through Christmas without presenting gifts to your Pastor. Gifts are presented either in the church or in their homes. The homes of Pastors become more than shopping centers during Christmas.


5. Attend a Christmas event

sarkodie concert

If you’re a socially active person, there’s no way you’ll miss a Christmas event. Events like December2Rememba, Ghana Rocks, 1000 series of Laughs and Music etc, are programmes that people patronize in Ghana during Christmas. One definitely must attend at least one of these.


6. Buy loads of movies and watch with family at home

The sales of movies especially local movies, increase during the festive season. This is mainly because people are on break and have the time to watch. People buy loads of these movies and spend time with their families watching. It’s something they don’t get to do due to work pressure so they take the opportunity.


7. Cook rice with chicken for friends and family


Photo credit: vietnamesefood.com.vn

One major food that wont be missing in any home in Ghana during Christmas is Rice with Chicken stew. Families cook this food and invite friends to come eat with them. Some will invite colleagues from the office to visit and eat with them.

8. Travel outside the country


9. Go to the mall

Since Ghana had it’s first shopping mall, it has become a place of visit for most people. Xmas is a period that loads of people visit the mall. From first timers, to regulars…People take their families for pizza, ice cream, shopping, movies etc.




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