I could go on about how great this Ghanaian diva looks in her bright red short sleeved shirt and her forest green capri pants. But I’d like to focus on her accessories. Because I really think it’s the accessories that make the whole look work so stunningly. First off, that quiff- like -funkalicious hairstyle she got going on is just divine. It reminds me a lot of Janelle Monet and I could picture her wearing an outfit like this (if she was to ever step out of her uniform tailored look). I’d say that her accessories are all statement piece on their own; from her customary necklace to her metal plate belt to that over sized padded clutch and those gorgeous heeled platforms, but all harmonise with each other and work so well together as a collective.

This Ghanaian chica knows how to make an outfit work. Be it for a night on the tiles, a business lunch or job interview, this outfit most definitely screams out confidence, creativity and individuality- something we ladies all strive to be, wouldn’t you agree?

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