An Electric Flash of Colour

An Electric Flash of Colour


This is a genius way of incorporating some colour to what would have just been another one of those white pleated peplum dresses one can get from any given high street shop. This custom made dress with its vibrant sleeve,   peplum and pleated peplum detail is so beautiful and really brings out the best features in this stunning Ghanaian lady. The neon green in the material really pops and brings such a unique element to the ensemble. Although the jewellery does go with the dress, it isn’t necessary. If she had left out the necklace we would be able to see her neck more which would give the illusion of her being taller.  Her subtle make up is lovely too

I am most definitely going to get my seamstress to make me my very own version!  Will you be getting your seamstress to make you one too??

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