Asymmetrically Peplumtastic

Asymmetrically Peplumtastic


Now ladies, brace yourselves! Introducing the new wave peplum stylie! This is the much  trendier version  of the peplum  style ;  its  longer on one  side and shorter on the other making this  asymmetrical peplums work for virtually all figures. I am in absolute agreement with this gorgeous Ghanaian lady’s style.  From the leather collared top which goes so perfectly with this wonderfully designed peplum hem, to the muted  reddish lipstick which complements this over all monochrome colour theme;  this Ghanaian lady really knows how to put a look together that works for her.

This style of peplum can work for any figure depending on where the hem of the peplum falls. Asymmetrical peplums that are shorter at the side but longer in the front and back, work well for curvier figures. Styles that are longer at the sides but shorter in the front and back are ideal for those with narrow hips. So there is most definitely a peplum out there for you, but you got to know what suits you. What’s your body shape and which peplum to you tend to go for?

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