Aztectically Pleasing


Oh what joy this sassy lady’s outfit brings me! I’m totally in love with the way all the separate pieces are coordinated and in harmony with each other.  The bat-winged yellow top goes so well with the skirt, as its synchs the waist and gives way for the main centre of attraction; that joyously colourful Aztec print skirt. The Aztec print is most definitely in season and this lady has gone all out. All the colours she has selected to compliment the skirt can be found in the skirt! Not to mention those gorgeous red yellow trimmed blue heeled suede sensations on her feet!!

The blue head wrap lets you know that although she may be wearing westernised clothing, she is African to the core and proud of it!

She has most definitely got this look right. Although the burgundy lips compliment her skin tone beautifully, a more daringly red shade would have also don’t the job, but that’s just me knit-picking. The lady done good! Wouldn’t you agree?

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