Be Grateful and Faithful


Many times we don’t seem to understand the blessings that God showers on us each passing day. How selfish we must be in the eyes of God. Do we ever consider how it is that we wake up each morning and we can see, hear, talk, walk and most importantly breathe.

It’s so unfortunate that the only time we recognise how fortunate we are is when we find ourselves in some sort of discomfort or distress and even at those times we only complain or ask for more blessings and favour instead of simply saying “Thank you Lord”

We are so quick to judge the prodigal son, but we forget that we are worse off than he was. At least after he squandered his inheritance he remembered the son of whom he was and went back home realising his mistakes and making amends. Unfortunately for us, we never seem to ever realise our mistakes and make amends.

We need to get to a stage that we appreciate the little blessings in our lives because what we count as little is another person’s miracle. I have learned to say “thank you Lord” every time I wake up, leave my house or work and even for the food I have.

The last couple of months have thought me to be grateful and faithful with everything I have.

Remember lets live our lives as if God is coming tomorrow. God bless you.




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