Beauty with Sharmaine Oddoye: 6 Reasons Why Your H...

Beauty with Sharmaine Oddoye: 6 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing


1.  Not Being Gentle

Let’s face it, wash day can be annoying sometimes (I know that’s right). Finger detangling can seem like torture, unless you’ve learned the divine art of managing your hair. It’s crucial to be very gentle with hair, even though it may take a little extra time. Using combs or harsh brushes can rip out hair and cause breakage and being rough, or trying to detangle in clumps of wet hair can also be damaging.

Try sectioning dry hair and detangling with olive or coconut oil. Opt for finger detangling instead of your regular comb or brush. Detangle starting from the ends and working upwards, there will be less breakage, and more length retention.Personally I use a huge comb to detangle, and I never really have any issues with tangling because I keep my hair moisturized through out the week. Dry brittle hair causes matting which causes tangles.


2. No protective styles 

This one cannot be applied across the board because some women can retain length without protective styling. If you find that you are not retaining length and you think incorporating protective styles can help, you should try it. A protective style could be anything from braids, to buns to a weave. It just depends on your preference, but we know that protective styles definitely is a great way to help you to retain length.My favorites are the ever faithful bun, box braids and maybe twice a year, weaves. Check out my full blog post on different protective hairstyles to try. 



3. Not Moisturizing or Sealing Properly

 Properly moisturizing and sealing hair is a vital step towards retaining growth, and sometimes it can be underestimated or done incorrectly. A common misconception is that hair can be moisturized with thick petroleum jelly.  Check out my full post on moisturizing/maintaining relaxed hair


One of the best methods for moisture retention is the LOC Method. With this methodyou apply first a leave in conditioner, than oil, and finish with a cream. Use these products separately and they may be effective, but combining them will work wonders.Applying your favorite products in this sequence will ensure that your hair stays moisturized all day long.

How do you retain length? Comment below and share!

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