Big lips tips


If you don’t fancy trying a lip plumper, there are other ways to make your pout fuller.

When you look at the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie, they are all beautiful, and more importantly, they all have lovely, full lips. If your mouth is a little on the thin side, you may be looking for ways to emulate these beautiful women. But if you don’t fancy the total bee stung look that comes with a lip plumper product, there are other tricks you can try to create the desired effect.


One of the best ways to get an instant pout is to take a highlighter or a nude or white eye pencil and apply it to your cupid’s bow only. By this we mean the ‘M’ shape right above your upper lip. Once applied, blend lightly, then take a tiny amount of brown eyeliner and put it directly beneath your lower lip line, but no more than an eighth of an inch. This is a trick that makes it seem like your lips are actually creating a shadow. Another technique is to apply some gloss to the middle of both chops so that the light reflecting particles in it will give the illusion of a fuller looking smile.

Home remedies:

If you like to keep things natural, there are a number of ingredients you can combine together to use as an organic plumper. Cayenne pepper is an extremely spicy and effective home remedy to obtain fuller pouty lips. Mix a small amount with water to form a thin paste. Apply this to your lips and leave it for about ten minutes, avoiding running your tongue along the outside.

Another oil you can try is peppermint, as it causes swelling which makes lips appear fuller and pink. Meanwhile cinnamon oil is best when combined with another component as it can be irritating to lips when used on its own. Something like honey is a great partner for the spice as it is also a natural plumping agent, so mix it together and leave on for five minutes.


Finally, as silly as it seems, there are some exercises you can try to stimulate collagen and encourage natural fullness. Whistling helps lip muscles to become active thereby increases the volume. This make them look attractive and plumped. Or try to pucker up, using all your energy as if kissing. Hold it for two seconds and repeat this procedure ten times a day.



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