Don’t Deport Us Back To Ghana, We’ll Get Ebola – G...

Don’t Deport Us Back To Ghana, We’ll Get Ebola – Ghanaians Seeking Asylum In Trinidad



A group of Ghanaian and Nigerian nationals has petitioned a local court in Trinidad to stop their deportation because they are likely to contract the deadly Ebola virus.

The West Africans, according to Immigration officials, entered Trinidad illegally and must be deported.

Henry Mensah and Ernest Aglago, both of whom illegally entered Trinidad from Ghana, are appealing a decision to deport them and their appeals were dismissed, after which they petitioned the United Nations seeking Refugee Status since Trinidad was a party to the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees.
Don’t Deport Us Back To Ghana, We'll Get Ebola -  Ghanaians Seeking Asylum In Trinidad

The two Ghanaian nationals sought judicial review of the decision to deport them on the basis that if deported they would suffer death as a result of the Ebola virus, understands.

They stated in their applications that Ebola was to be compared to the Bubonic Plague that wiped out a third of Europe’s population in the 14th century.

But the judge who sat in a marathon session from Saturday evening to early Sunday, Justice Ricky Rahim, held that Ghana was not one of the African countries afflicted with Ebola and found that based on their case file, they could not make out an arguable case for judicial review with a likelihood of success.

Both applications were dismissed with costs to be paid by the two.



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