EVENT: BnW Switch On Groove


BNW switch on groove is a quarterly party tour with loads of quality people from the corporate world and other business sectors in the country, coming together to transact business, socialize, dine and dance together with some appointed celebrities to grace the event.

This networking party trail is a platform to say thanks to known and unknown customers.This enables your company to meet and interact with qualified people into your business.

Some of the targeted guests we are inviting and selling our coded coupons to selectively are… Bankers, Doctors, Nurses, Telecommunication Staffs, Marketing Executives, Fashion Designers, Musicians, Top Models, Media (TV / Radio), Magazine companies, Clearing Agents, Actors and Actresses and others.

We are ready to satisfy them in a grand style as a fun club, each and every three months with different flavors and people who will definitely love to join the train at all times… This event will be held at the finest places according to each and every segment.

This will mostly be in a form of a house garden party, trip party, pool and beach party; some seasons will be with live band… Most of the vital activities will start early, for the sake of those who will leave early to not loose.

The grand part of the party will happen at the end of every year with the stars performing live at a bigger venue and massive media hype….. Some of the areas will be in Tema, Accra, Ada, Akosombo and other pleasant places that fit the occasion and its season.

BNW Switch On Groove. The opportunity party! Chill and gain… WHAT AVAILABLE TO BE SERVED… Goat barbeque and light soup Grilled Tilapia and soup Special grilled Pork Special Indomie Chicken barbeque and soup and others…

All at a separate stand with the finest cocktails and other drinks…


Regular for Males is Ghc 100

Regular for Couples is Ghc 150

Regular for Females is Ghc 70

Protocol for VIPs Ghc 300

Activities Pool

Tournament Monopoly

Chess Titans





Fashion Show entertainment and Exhibition Musical Performance Treasure Hunt (stickers to identify treasures)

Good prices available to be won And other quality Games of standard…..


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