Facebook Forces User to Lie About Her Age

Facebook Forces User to Lie About Her Age

Now usually Facebook doesn’t insist on what age you put into your profile and considering they have no requirement for proof of age that makes sense.

However, the social network site inadvertently made it somewhat difficult for their oldest ever user to create an account and be truthful. Whereas many users may choose to lie about their age, Anna Stoehr would have been just fine putting in her real date of birth were she able to. You see Anna is 114 years old and was born in 1900, but Facebook only lists year of birth as far back as 1905.

So when a tech savvy friend inspired by Stoehr decided to help her get into social media they found they had to lie about her year of birth. Joseph Ramirez was the Verizon sales rep who befriended Anna when he was selling her 85 year old son a cell phone.

Ramirez decided to make the two hour drive all the way to Stoehr’s nursing home in Minnesota to help her learn a few new tricks when it came to the world wide web. The tech savvy centurion has written to Mark Zuckerberg asking that he make the change so she can put in her real date of birth but as of yet there has been no response. It just goes to show though that you are never too old to learn something new.


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