Helpful Tips for Braid Installations

Helpful Tips for Braid Installations


Now there are very few Ghanaian ladies out there who haven’t had some sort of extensions in the past, be it a weave, corn row or single plaits. Whether it was because you wanted to let your natural hair breath for some time or if you were between relaxers, we have all felt like changing our look at one point or another.

However there are a few things to be aware of when opting for a protective style. Especially braids.  They can make your scalp itchy, hard to keep clean, hard to keep out of your face if worn down and can take forever to install and take out.

Whether your braids are all yours or created with enhancements, you still need to care for your hair and scalp while you’re wearing them.

If possible (and this tip doesn’t apply to the gorgeous Ghanaian lady with non-sensitive scalps) try to avoid using synthetic hair. Use 100% kenekel on hair instead. You can Prep the extensions by soaking it in a bath of cool to luke warm (not cold and not hot, it can change the texture of the hair) water and apple cider vinegar. The hair needs to be completely submerged for at least 15-20 min;   this removes the alkaline layer from the hair. That layer is what causes the hair to be irritating to the scalp.  Do not take the hair off of the rubber band that the hair comes in so that it does not get tangled or loose. Rinse the hair off the remove any extra residue then hang it to dry over the shower curtain rod.

Wash your hair thoroughly an make sure your scalp is clean. If needed, moisturize your scalp but do not add product to your hair as it may keep the product from attaching to your hair properly. Blow dry  your hair so that the stylist is not combing through dry kinks while installing. Make sure where you are sitting is as comfortable as possible. Have a rat tail comb for parting so that the parts are precise and not tacky looking. So I hope this helps if you are thinking about trying box braids. Have you had any experience with braids? Good or bad?? Have you got any helpful tips to help your fellow Ghanaian lasses when it comes to installing braids?

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