How To Spot A Good Woman In 10 Easy Ways

How To Spot A Good Woman In 10 Easy Ways


Usually we hear people say, all the good girls are taken, this is because, those who took them know how to spot good women. While you were busy chasing the wrong skirts, they sat down and scrutinized before making a move.

Everything that comes cheap will not last, reason why you always get those girls and later find out they are not all that good. We also hear people say, there are no good girls out there anymore, sorry! This is because those who say that are blind and can’t spot a good girl, because there are many good girls out there and the interesting part is, many are single.

Good girls have a lot of characteristics in them and that’s what you need to use to spot them. To do this, you need to understand this characteristics before you make a move.

If you know this, you can even spot them a mile away.

1. THEY DON’T JOIN CLIQUES  There’s a saying that, “birds of the same feather, flock together” and so girls who have a certain character tend to associate themselves with those that go with them and love to form groups to commit the crime together. These girls either love to party hard or dress to kill and are more into fashionable dressing and want to be in every entertainment show. Good girls don’t have time for that and you usually spot them walking alone. She never moves in a group but still maintains a cordial relationship with them. If she will pick a friend, it will just be only one but she hardly shares her secrets and learns to stay by herself. She loves a cool environment and doesn’t want noisy areas and she’s always by herself.

2. HER CHOICE OF DRESSING IS DECENT Good girls hate to be branded in a negative way and what they have inside clearly shows on the outside from the way they dress. Their dressing are not revealing but they still maintain a nice and decent appearance. They hate heavy make-up and you don’t see them with long artificial hair or tattoos.

Their make-ups are usually simple and they usually rock natural hair. You hardly see them in high heels and even if they will wear one, it’s usually on the low side. You wouldn’t see her boobs showing or her skirt above her knee or her thighs clearly showing. They make sure their bodies are well covered. This could be because, she’s not exposed herself so much to men and doesn’t feel comfortable exposing it to everybody.

Bad girls have been around the block many times and know that many men have seen past their thighs and so do not see the reason why they should hide it anymore. If nobody has ever seen past your thighs, it’s difficult to expose it.

3. THEY ARE PRINCIPLED Her yes is yes and her no is no. You don’t see them say one thing and the next day she’s saying another thing, she stands by her word and defends it. If you ask her out and she says yes, she will definitely be there but if she says no, don’t sweat it, there’s no way you can convince her to change her mind.

4. SHE’S ORGANIZED If you find yourself in her room, one look around and you can tell she’s well organized and even if she serves you, you notice the moment you untidy the place, she gently grabs something to tidy up. Her environment is well organized, with everything in it’s proper place.

5. SHE DOESN’T NEED YOUR MONEY She’s the type that will even pay for her bill when you send her out for a date. And she gets offended when she visits and you try to give her money. From day one, she makes it clear she can take care of herself and doesn’t need your money to survive. If you wish to buy her a gift, so be it, but never have the impression you can buy her off, they hate it.

6. SHE DOESN’T DRINK (EVEN IF SHE DOES, OCCASIONALLY) If you send her out on a date, the only drink she will order is either Malt or Alvaro. Club beer, Guinness, and all those drinks high in alcohol are out of the question. She will only taste it if she really! really!! trusts you, if not it’s soft drink. And don’t even try to convince her to take it, you might not see her again.

7. SHE’S NEVER HEARD OF CYTOTECH Some girls know all the drugs that can be used for abortion, but good girls have never heard of such strong drugs apart from Paracetamol and Chloroquine. They are absolutely ignorant about these.

8. SHE WILL NEVER CHOSE THE NIGHT CLUB If you ask her to choose a place to go, first place is the beach, a restaurant, or go on picnic in a nice park where there are trees and birds or maybe near a nice river with a beautiful sun setting. She will never chose the night club or any place with so much noise and smoke. But if she chooses the night club outright, then you should know you are dealing with a Don.

9. SHE LOVES READING GOOD MATERIAL She loves to read and reads good books. Books that keep you thinking for ages before getting them.

10. SHE’S FRIENDLY TO EVERYBODY Good girls love to be friendly to everybody and are not that selective about class and status, do not really mind where your background is or the family you came from. They don’t really care if you have some ailment or you’re disabled, they will still play and smile with you. They always have a warm heart towards everybody and hate others who do not care about others. If you’re a woman who is arrogant and speak ill about people, she will never be friends with you.





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