February 20


This look is what I refer to as the ‘I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend-isn’t-it-cute’ look!

For years, I’ve been on the sidelines watching the “boyfriend” trend countlessly re-emerge into the spotlight and show its sexy self – and each time, with a small update in lines such as oversize cardigans, rolled denim and a pair of scuffed brogues. And I must say although I do not necessary adopt such styles myself (except from wearing brogues), some girls in boy’s clothing is just are just so attractive.

A fashionable note to the wise though: just because menswear may not do your  body shape any good, that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the “boy” look using our own pieces, like this cool Ghanaian chica has . Although I’m liking the look, the only thing I would suggest would be to watch your proportions when pulling off this look; the rolled up jean effect must be approached with caution.  Because the blazer is long, it gives the illusion that she has a longer torso and as the jeans have been shortened, it makes the legs appear likewise. This is an easy mistake to make and is easily rectified by rolling the jean to the ankle and no further! But all in all I do like this look, but what do y’all think?? Are you feeling our sassy sista’s boyish charm?

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