It’s a Wap (3)


I’m so happy to see that my Ghanaian ladies have taken to wearing head wraps left right and centre.  They seem like the perfect accessory that would look equally great wearing it by the pool or out running errands in the city. Either in traditional African print or a gorgeous piece of fabric, a head wrap brings a sense of authenticity to anything we wear.  Best part:  It shields our bad hair days from the public!

Tying a headscarf into a square turban, like our sassy sista in the image above, can be a  very tricky business.  Luckily, there a plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you master the complicated (but totally worth it) look! You can leave some hair out if you so wish to, or you can go for the full cover up if your hair is unfit for public viewing; it’s totally up to you.  Once you step outside, don’t be surprised if someone asked you how you did it! Now ladies, coming from the glorious motherland of Ghana, we know that are an array of different ways to style our head wraps; to the side, in the middle or even to the back, its however you feel; so tell me, how do you style your head wraps?

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