Ladies: Want That Peace Hyde And Joselyn Dumas Bod...

Ladies: Want That Peace Hyde And Joselyn Dumas Body? Here Is The Exercise For It, No Need For A Surgery


These days, there are lots of surgeries around convincing women to go for it but truth is, most of these women who go for such surgeries are just lazy and the implications that come after these surgeries, I guess most of you have seen it on the internet, with butts falling off and women looking like birds and dummies.

Fact is, the human body is made up of water, muscles and bones, it’s just like clay, it can be shaped into any form if you exercise. What this means is that, if a woman wants to have a big butt, big boobs, flat tummy, etc. she can still have it without any surgeries, all she needs to do is exercise. It’s not just any exercise that can get you the kind of stature you want though. There are many exercises designed to target a particular part of your body and give you the exact shape you want

.The question is and we’ve been asked many times, what are the exercises to do to shape my butt, breast and tummy? Below are a few exercises you can do to shape your butt. Read on



SQUATS The squat is the king of all exercises. Without a doubt, squats are one of the best butt toning exercises. The squat utilizes the glutes, also know as the butt, to a great degree. This is important because the gluteus maximus is the largest single muscle of the body and you need to stimulate it effectively in order to promote muscle growth and fat loss. Also, squats strengthen the lower back and core. Here’s how to perform a bodyweight squat:

1. Stand with a shoulder width stance.

2. Hold your hands straight in front of you.

3. Drive your hips back and bend your legs 90 degrees.

4. Push through your heels and extend your legs.

5. Repeat the movement 15-20 times.



Keep your spine neutral by looking straight ahead.

Keep your core tight by sucking in your belly.

Remember to always drive through your heels to ensure you’re using your glutes.

Rest about 1 to 2 minutes between sets.

Make sure to warm up before doing this exercise.

Shoes with a flat sole are optimal for this movement as it allows to to transfer power from your glutes more efficiently


These are three of the best butt toning exercises that you can use in your daily exercise routine. Perform these exercises frequently and you’ll be flaunting your toned, well-defined butt in no time. Feel free to experiment with other butt exercises that are not mentioned above.

Along with strength training exercises, it’s also highly recommended to include cardio workouts like a running program to really tone and shape your legs and butt. Start off with very short distances and shoot for 1/2 mile when you first begin at about a 10 minute mile pace. Every week try to increase your distance 1/2 mile and try to decrease your running time. After your run, you might want to do 4-5 short sprints of about 40-50 yards

. These sprints are great for explosive movements and for getting that really lean look. You might also want to incorporate a whole body cardio exercise like jumping rope into your plan.


This is one of the best overall body workouts you can do to burn major calories and tone up your entire body. Along with strength training and cardio, you need to really watch your diet and overall calories when trying to lose body fat. The food you eat is the most important factor when your goal is to slim down and tighten up your physique, so focus on nutrient dense whole foods as the main source of your calories each day.






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