Nostalgic Neon is Back in Town

Nostalgic Neon is Back in Town


I’m not sure if it is the grey weather of late or the fact that I’ve been wearing winter clothes in this freeeeeezing cold weather for a solid 4 months now( minus the 3 weeks I was in our sweet motherland of Ghana),  but my craving for neon is strong.  So it comes as no surprised that, I for one am delighted that this trend is so prevalent this season. Maybe being a product of the 80s may have something to do with it, but I also think that this time of year, when there is so little light, one needs that extra zing to jump start productivity.  Even if you are a ‘neutral enthusiast’ or only go for black, it’s good to infuse a little imagination into your wardrobe and mystery into your style.

But a few words to the fashionable wise: No matter how old you are (and the fact is a splash of neon or pastel works for young or mature) it’s best to go with just… a splash. Work it in a fresh new way by pairing neons with pastels. And this delectable Ghanaian diva (DEBORAH VANESSA) looks to be doing just that, as she wears the neon yellow bra top and matching pencil skirt; the trim of this diva’s outfit is screaming neon yellow, however the majority of the outfit has a more muted pastel tone to it. And paired with a simple up do and gold stud earrings- this Ghanaian jewel is good to go!

Remember: Neon shades aren’t   the easiest on the eye, but you can take this color trend as far as you want; keeping  it subtly knowing with the odd flash of a neon accessory or some fluoro detailing against a neutral backdrop.  Having said that, neon shades work beautifully with the darker chocolate skin we Ghanaian are blessed with. So be as creative as you want!

The adage ‘what’s old is new again’ in fashion has much to do with nostalgia. But it also has to do with what works; and you have to admit, a little neon can send you off on your day with a spring in your step!

What colour do you find yourself gravitating to this time of year?  How do you wear neon?



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