Peplem Belts Make You Svelte

Peplem Belts Make You Svelte


Its amazing how adding one statement piece can change the entire look and depth of an outfit. The peplum belt definitely holds the spot with the flattering contour its gives to the body and duels as an accessory around the waist.

Teamed with a simple plain black top and leather pants; this look just oozes sophistication and will be ideal for those of us with a more rectangular figure shape and can be identified where there is little or  no waist definition. You have that straight up and down look so  some tricks can be used  to conjure up curves out of nowhere; dressing to accentuate your shoulders and adding a peplum belt to your chosen outfit  will slim your torso, femininity will be your balancer and this belt will accentuate (or creates) a waist with its nipped-and-flared silhouette. Just genius, right?

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