Punkaliciously Studding Fantastic

Punkaliciously Studding Fantastic


It takes a lot of fashionable guts to pull off a jacket like this, but this woman is doing it so well. I just really like seeing Ghanaian women as such tough, independent chicks instead of all dolled up, dainty women. It’s really refreshing. It’s a different take on androgyny. You really feel a sense of afro punk rock coming through on this Ghanaian lady with her choice of mixing a casual tank and skinnies with those stunning studded lace boots and that Michael Jackson –esque studded electric red leather jacket,  a completely new fashion genre.

These shoes are like everything punk, jammed into one pair of shoe. I’m literally overdosing on punknificence right now.  Now ladies, don’t be shy.  Let me know what you think, would you wear this look? If so, where?

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