Suspendingly Fashion Forward

Suspendingly Fashion Forward


There’s so much I can talk about in this gorgeous Ghanaian woman’s choice of outfit; that funky jumpsuit, or her natural looking afro hair being just so fabuloso or the fact that those wedges are a must have for those of us who can’t do mighty high heels. But I’d like to talk about her choice of tights and why they are so great; Cool yet feminine, these mock suspender tights create the illusion that you’re wearing stockings & suspenders with all the ease & comfort of tights making these tights an absolute fashion essential

Features ‘bow ties’ on the sheer part which give way to a stocking effect, but there are so many different effects to choose from depending on your personal preference. I will definitely be purchasing a few pairs in the very near future, it makes this outfit, wouldn’t you agree?

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