The Nation Is At Its Worst-Yvonne Nelson

The Nation Is At Its Worst-Yvonne Nelson

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You are lucky and blessed if you live in Ghana and have electricity for just 24 hours. You ask yourself, are we living in a country where we have appointed/elected people to steer the country to a better destination or we live in a country where our leaders act as if they have no idea of what they are even doing.

As Sarkodie said in his song, the status of Ghana’s economy doesnt know a common Ghanaian and a celebrity. Its obvious no one is happy with the governance of the president.

You step out to town and you see barbering shops, saloons, electricity shops, internet cafe’s and the likes not operating. Factory workers are getting laid off because productivity is low due to this electricity power which they have termed as Dumsor Dumsor.

Various celebrities including Sarkodie, Lydia Forson, etc. have laid their voices on this Dumsor Dumsor issue yet our leaders are not even acting like they care. (That is only if they care).

Guess what we have here, Yvonne Nelson has for the second time (if am not mistaken) spoken about how worst the country is becoming. She went on her twitter timeline to tweet various messages to her 400,000 followers Some of her twets below..

Mr president I know you don’t handle your Twitter account…..but something needs to be done. Thank you. #Godhelpthisnation Let’s put political parties aside! The nation is at its worst! The light biz like I said in an interview should have been checked years ago.

Our past leaders didn’t solve it…… ……now the current is paying for it. Now let’s work on it,let’s fix it, seek international advice for technical know how It has to be done now…..the dam is old.

Most Ghanaians don’t even know the history and its lifespan I can go on and on. It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. What do you say too? The country is sick and needs an attention.





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