With experience of several years in the hair care industry, ANIRAH knows a ton about coiffing all sorts / grades of hair. We thought it would be helpful if we offer few tips to our esteemed customers who want to get care free glamorous weaves: how to maintain it, buy good hair and more.

                                INVEST IN TOP NOTCH SERVICESPOST 1                                                 Good weave

So many of us try to cut corners by going to a cheaper saloon that could really care less about hair care. These saloons are about getting women in and out. Though it can make you have a second thought about your choice of saloon.

POST2                                                    Bad weave

Your weave should be done by a professional hairstylist with a proper consultation. Go somewhere they are going to give you 100% , with the right stylist on your team your weave can last up to 3-4 weeks.


You don’t need to spend a fortune on the hair you will use to get weaved in, but please make the invest! Opt for ANIRAH virgin hair. This hair has a natural shine, tangle free, and can be styled and treated like a natural hair. Plus, it stays glossy and polished after wash.

POST4                                                   Good weave

Also chat with your stylist to make sure the color and texture match up to your tresses. A full head will require 4-5 bundles of hair. Yes it’s a splurge , but you can hold on to your hair for over two years plus if you treat it right.

                                          JUST SAY NO TO GLUEPost6                                                   Good weave

The chemicals in glue can lead to allergic reactions. And most people ignore signs like inflammation and itching.

post5                                                    Bad weave

Glue also has an adverse effect on the follicles of your hair, especially if you visit a stylist who doesn’t know how to remove glued  tracks properly. You can rip strands out repeatedly until you have bald patches, The best way is to braid your hair and get a sew in, but make sure the braids are not too tight. If the braids are tight before sewing process begins, it will be even tighter once you are done, This can lead to hair loss.

        CAN’T AFFORD A WEAVE? GET A GOOD WIG OR CLIP-INSPOST7                                                     Good weave

If you are looking for easy, quick, long hair, invest in a quality wig or clip-ins. You can remove clip- ins every night. A high grade won’t cost so much, but u have it much longer because it’s not on your head all day every day.POST8                                                  Bad weave

Make sure your hair matches your personality and your lifestyle.  If you are a singer or model, long waist length hair works for you. Only entertainers can pull off the pounds and pounds of hair on their head. Let’s stay true to ourselves and keep it sleek, chic, and again realistic!POST11

Just because your weave isn’t growing out of your scalp does not mean it should look fake. A bad weave is one that doesn’t not match your natural hair texture, hair color, personality or lifestyle. So keep it classy!


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