Want To Get Married? 10 Foods Every Ghanaian Woman...

Want To Get Married? 10 Foods Every Ghanaian Woman Should Know How To Cook


There are many Ghanaian dishes out there and some are really difficult to cook but there are certain foods if you’re a woman in Ghana and you can’t cook them, then forget about ever banging on a husband, because it clearly shows you will kill him with hunger.

Many Ghanaian men will understand it if you can’t cook Waakye or Tuubani, those are a bit difficult to come up with, but some are simple and we expect you to handle them with ease. But if you’re totally unable to cook them, then it means you’re totally not a woman who can cook.

If you’re a woman and you can’t cook any of these 10 foods and you’re still single, sorry to say, you’re doomed…here you go.


1. Rice And Stew

Rice and stew is something that even men who are not all that good at cooking can come up with and in situations where they find themselves with no woman around, they can even cook it and if they have a rice cooker – Problem solved! It’s just that, the stew may not taste that good but they will still manage it.

But if you’re a woman and you can’t cook rice and stew, which is very common in Ghana, then stop calling yourself a Ghanaian, you’re probably, a Madagascan. We are pretty sure even Madagascan women can cook rice and stew. If you can’t cook rice, then we are not sure you can even attempt banku and okro soup or stew.

2. Jollof

If you’re a lady in Ghana and you can’t cook Jollof, then you might as well better go kill yourself oh! because every man on the streets of Ghana loves this food and if you joke with it, you might even get sued at the High Court….lol

One time I brought a girl to the hostel when I was in school and I asked that she prepares jollof for my friends and I. We were about 15 men and she said, “I don’t know how to cook jollof oh!” All 15 men shouted in unison, “How?”. When she left, there was one advice they all gave me, “Masa! Shaun am, if she no go fi cook jollof, hunger go kill you?”….Lmao!!

So take my advice if you’re a woman reading this, better learn how to cook this dish if you don’t know how to. Thank You.

3. Yam and Palaver Sauce

This is one of the most simple foods to cook in Ghana, as it doesn’t demand so much time and skills to complete. If you’re a woman in Ghana and you can’t cook this food, then stop calling yourself a Ghanaian Woman…tweaaaaa!!!

Popularly known in Ghana as “Bayire ne Kontonmire” it’s one of the simplest foods to cook and not being able to cook it is not an excuse, it’s just laziness.

4. “Angwa Muu” (Rice with oil)

“Angwa Muu” is a popular Ghanaian dish which involves the use of just rice and oil. Oil is mixed with the rice in cooking and can be eaten raw or with pepper and some fried eggs. Goes down very well in the afternoon and it’s very simple to prepare.

If you’re a Ghanaian woman and you can’t cook this food, what else can you cook? You dare not try Yakayaka. “You no fi cook angwa muu, ibi yakayaka you go fit”

5. Gari Foto

All you need is some gari, palm oil and little tomatoes and pepper, the rest is in your hands, if you can’t handle it, you need to be lashed well well!! ahba!! are you from the moon.

6. Light Soup

Light soup is one of the most common Ghanaian dishes and when you’re even down with Malaria or Fever, doctors will advice you to gulp down this soup. It’s like a pain killer, it can cure you of fever one time.

So as a woman if you’re unable to cook this food, how do you want us to refer to you.

7. Rice In Water popularly called Rice Water

If you’re a woman and you cook rice in water and it gets burnt, you need to be lashed, ahba!!! Just pouring water into rice and cooking too, you can’t do it, then what exactly did you learn from your mum.

8. “Mmore Kooko”

I beg, I didn’t say, banku oh! I said kooko. So for those women out there who cook mmore kooko and it turns out to be Banku, Shame unto you.

9. Banku and Pepper

Please take note, it’s not banku and okro stew oh! it’s banku and grinded pepper. If it’s Banku and okro stew, then you can complain but this is banku and grinded pepper and some fish or fried eggs.

If you’re unable to cook this food, then your own wahala be that, if you don’t find yourself a man in Ghana.

10. “Mpotor mpotor”

Mpotor mpotor is a Ghanaian dish, which is simply mashed yam. My lady, if you can’t mash yam, then we don’t know what to do to you again oh!

We might as well help you mourn.


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