10 Things Considered Archaic But Are More Healthie...

10 Things Considered Archaic But Are More Healthier Than It’s Newer Inventions


There are a lot of things from Africa that are considered archaic but after a lot new inventions came out, science in recent times have proven those that were considered archaic are actually more healthier than it’s new invention.

This has proven beyond every reasonable doubt, the reason why we see a lot of strange diseases and die young while countries or villages that still live in the old ways are living long and staying more healthy.

Civilization and technology though meant to make things easy for us, has turned out to be killing us quicker than we know. Most of the new inventions only focus on how to make life easier but never goes deep to study how healthy it is for the user.

For many years, most Ghanaians have the notion that whatever comes out of the states is the best and also shows you have more status in life and so this has affected our culture where people always want to be seen either eating burgers and sandwiches instead of “Waakye” or “Red Red.”

And those who still use the things are considered archaic are seen as “villagers” or not intelligent or locked in the past but funny enough, they are living a healthy life.

Before we continue to bombard you with all the  “nitty gritties”, let’s get to some of these things that are considered archaic but are more healthier.

Earthenware Bowl Or Ceramics

The earthenware bowl or “Asanka” as it’s locally referred to is one of the most common utensil in Ghana, but it’s gradually receding into the past because most Ghanaians see it to be archaic or old fashioned. It has been replaced with plastics bowls and plates but interestingly, these plastic bowls are not healthy at all.

Many researches has proven how dangerous the use of plastic is to our health but these days, almost everything is packaged with plastics. From “Kooko” to “Red Red” and “Waakye” are all packaged with plastics but unfortunately, many people do not know how dangerous these products are to their health.

People are exposed to chemicals plastics not only during manufacturing, but also by using plastic packages, because some chemicals migrate from the plastic packaging to the foods they contain.

Examples of plastics contaminating food have been reported with most plastic types, including Styrene from polystyrene, plasticizers from PVC, antioxidants from polyethylene, and Acetaldehyde from PET.

Now experts are saying the best option is to use the earthenware bowl or ceramics bowls and plates, they are the best and the healthiest.


Waakye Leaves

In the past, “Waakye” and “Red Red” were served in leaves but along the line we were convinced by marketers of plastic products that using this kind of leaves are not hygienic and so we should use plastic and so this changed the way things are done and every food vendor jumped on plastic and it’s everywhere these days.

Now it’s clear, plastics are not as good as they seemed and the dangers has clearly been revealed. The “Waakye” leaves apart from being healthy was also medicinal and so while eating from it, what sipped from it into the food makes you stronger and does not endanger your life, but plastics do, causing hormonal problems in women and also affecting unborn children.

Earthenware Pot

Gone are the days when we use to drink from earthenware pots, these days, everything is plastic and so what we use are plastic buckets to fetch water and drink from. The previous writing has explained the dangers of using plastic. Need we say more.

Well Water Or Boreholes

In our villages, their major source of water is either well water, the stream or boreholes, but as we are advancing, we are told these sources of water are not good and so we are made to drink pipe borne water that are laced with chemicals to kill the bacteria in them hence making the water soft.

Hard water contains magnesium, potassium and calcium which is good for our development but unfortunately, we’ve been brainwashed to accept pipe borne water is do not have any minerals in them at all, weakening us and making us prone to many diseases.

These days, what’s popular is the sachet water and bottled water which are all in plastics, need we tell you the dangers of plastics again.

Most of these sachet water are not even stored properly, mostly left in the sun, allowing germs and bacteria to sip into the water. The next time you drink a sachet water, open the plastic up and wipe your hands in it and you will marvel at what you will see.


When was the last time you drunk your favourite “Kooko” in a calabash? These days, it’s served in plastics hot. When that happens, do you know the plastic melts and the chemicals in the plastic sip into the “Kooko”.

Do you know what does to you? You can research on that.

The calabash is the best option because it’s natural and it’s medicinal and poses absolutely no danger for you. Drinking water from it is also the best. The medicinal contents actually helps kill bacteria, but unfortunately nobody wants to research into this. This is the reason why when herbalist administer drugs for you, they serve it in calabash. That’s the reason why they do that.

Silver Utensils

All silver utensils are the best but unfortunately, they are being replaced with non-stick utensils which are common in most homes. But what many do not know is that, the chemical that’s used in designing the non-stick coat beneath the utensils are harmful to your health and with time they get into your food and into your body, posing more danger to your health.

If you want an evidence of these, pick your non-stick utensil and check the bottom, you will see it’s disintegrating, ask yourself, where did it go. The worst is buying the slightly used non-stick utensils.


Before the invention of orthodox drugs, we used herbs to cure the sick but today, ask any well educated person to seek herbal treatment and they will look at you with disdain as if you just spat in their face.

But frankly speaking, herbal medicine cures, orthodox drugs only gives you temporal relief.

In the country, we’ve been introduced to all sort of medicines for malaria, but it keeps reoccurring, but herbal medicine cures this completely and those who have gone through the treatment are a witness to this and that includes me.


Lanterns are old inventions and apart from the heat it generates, it’s the best because it poses no danger to your health. The electric bulbs though convenient, are more dangerous to your health than you least expect. There are many researches that have proven it actually aids in skin cancer.


Latrines, popularly known in Ghana as “Hwee Tim” or KVIP is seen as something for the poor man and those who use the water closet are seen as more advance in life. But recent research has shown that, using the water closet is more dangerous to your health because sitting is not the right position to defecate and this has contributed to many diseases such as colon cancer, appendicitis, constipation etc.

The best position to defecate in is to squat which allows you to expel all the contents in your rectum and only latrines allow you to do that and helps you expel all the toxic within you.

African Black Soap (Alata Samina) And Shea Butter

For the past few years, we’ve been made to believe anything local is bad and we’ve thrown away, our best products and gone in for the foreign ones which are doing us more harm than good.

Tell any woman around you to go for alata samina or shea butter and see the look on their face, like you’ve just told them to murder someone, if you’re not lucky, you might receive some insults from the outspoken ones.

But truth be told, Alata samina and shea butter are the best cosmetic products on the market. Shea butter for instance is the only pomade that can restore your skin back to it’s normal colour after ruining it from bleaching.

Alata samina is also the only soap that can cure you of many skin rashes and diseases. Need we say more.

But these days, our women are more into all sort of cosmetic products without knowing what it contains. Alata samina and shea butter are all made of natural products that’s why it’s good for your skin.





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