6 Easy Ways To Get Your Woman Back After Break Up

6 Easy Ways To Get Your Woman Back After Break Up


1. Let her go

It feels unnatural, but you should try. Girl needs to know that your heart is broken after the break up. If you acting like you are already over your relationships, it would arouse her curiosity. And then she would start thinking about you again. So act like your life is normal again. Yes, this method means stop texting her, calling and Facebooking. Remember, women are rarely attracted to guys who ‘need’ them.

2. Party!

If she knows that you are having fun, it means that you are already over her. And she will be curious again. But keep in mind that having fun does not mean you should get too drunk or too rowdy. On the opposite, this would mean that you are pathetic and that you are suffering.

Party with self-confidence and she will notice.

3. Teasing

If you have a chance to talk with her – try to tease her a little. Your aim is not to offend her, but to make her react and think about you. Women don’t like guys who are being too nice with them.

4. Self-developing

Start developing yourself. Loosing some weight or learning. Have some interesting activities. Developing new activities and hobbies surely turn you into a more attractive person.

5. Don’t do the first step

Never even think about doing a first step. Let her do it. The trick is to make it so that she cannot stay away from you. This can involve a lot of time and patience. But the result is always worth it.

6. Life goes on

If this not work, take some lessons and move on. These things take time to happen. So why not to start dating some other person? It will surely boost your confidence. And there are always better relationships for you than the previous one.

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