8 Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashi...

8 Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

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When we talk about the best fabric and fashion designs, the first countries that come to mind are, America and U.K. but if you look critically, these countries do not really have the best fabric and designs, what they do know is how to market their products effectively.

There are many other countries that have the best fabrics but unfortunately, how to market their fabrics and designs is the drawback. When it comes to the U.K., their popular way of dressing is the suit and tie but there’s nothing unique about these. Had they been developed here, we would’ve termed it, “Ntafoo Ntaade3″ but because they are foreign, we’ve decided to accept it because our colonial masters forced it down our throats.

But personally, I don’t see anything unique about the suit and tie, who even thought of such a design, to tie up somebody’s neck and call it dressing, but unfortunately, the whole world worships it.

Going through the dressing and fabrics of other countries around the world, some countries stood out with quality fabrics and designs that were  amazing. For instance, do you know the Kente and Batakari from Ghana can last for 300 years? and it’s the only fabric that can’t be destroyed by cocroaches? Well! If you don’t know, now you know.

Come with me as we take you through a journey of countries with the best fabric and fashion designs.


A walk through Nigeria and you can’t ignore their rich culture and heritage which they hold in high esteem and this is reflected in their day to day activities and how they dress.

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

Invite a Nigerian man to any event and he’s not going to turn up in any suit and tie or whatsoever, never! He will appear in his boubou and ornamental beads coupled with a nice African slippers.

One thing about their dressing is the quality of the fabric that’s used to sew most of these boubou. Most boubous come with a unique design which is very hard to imitate even in China. They have it for all ages and ethnicity.

When it comes to fabric, Nigerians have very good fabrics and as for their designs, it’s one in a million.

2. Ghana

Ghana is a country with a very rich culture, enriched with gold, timber and oil, but one thing that stands among the people, from South to North is their unique way of dressing.

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

Ghanaians have one of the most quality fabrics around the globe and it’s the Kente and Batakari which is woven with a special instrument known in the local parlance as, “Nsanan” among the Akan speaking people.

Ghanaians have a unique way of weaving this cloth which is so special that the fabric can actually last for about 300 years. A visit to the king’s palace and you can be directed to a Kente cloth that has been passed on from generations to generations. Some of these fabrics are so strong, it’s not easy to cut through with scissors and so are woven in pieces and stitched together when sewing a dress or attire. The colour of the design is a beauty to behold, unique in it’s own special way.

Most designs sewn from this material stands out in the world and are unique. Some actually speaks to you. Each of the designs have names. Ghana has one of the best fabrics in the world. Quite recently, the world is beginning to see the quality of our fabrics and designs and it can be seen all around the world over

3. China

China has been tagged with inferiority, but when it comes to fabrics, this country cannot be left out. They have one of the best fabrics around the world and their fashion designs are exclusive.

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

They come with a blend of unique style and quality fabrics that depicts their way of dressing and culture. Apart from being known for their industrialization, China can’t be underestimated when it comes to quality fabrics and fashion designs.

Their designs are so unique, it’s difficult to be imitated. Their fabric is sleek and smooth in texture, giving you that comfort when you wear it. It’s not good for hot weather though. Their embroideries of flowers are a beauty to behold.

4. India

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

All around the world, one thing that attracts people to India is their beautiful fabric and popular saree designs which is are a beauty to behold.  Their designs are beautiful and they have quality fabrics for both men and women.

Their desire for sparkling jewels is clearly depicted in their dresses and sarees. They also come with a unique embroidery styles unique to their culture.

5. Pakistan

The Pakistanis have a very unique way of dressing slightly similar to the Indians but it also comes with it’s unique designs

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

They are also known for quality carpets but their designs are also one in a million. The texture of their fabric is awesome just like the Indians.

Intelligent fashion designers who are aware of these travel as far as this country to trade in their fabric for their designs.

6. Morocco

Moroccans have one of the most expensive and quality fabrics in the world of fashion. Due to their weather, most of their designs are such that, it protects them from the dust from the desert.

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

In the past, they were well known for materials for sewing and dealt mainly in this. Many countries traveled to this place for fabrics but though it’s not the same in this era, they still stand out.

They also have some of the best leather in the world when it comes to shoes and slippers.

7. Malaysia

The Malaysians just like the Chinese also have some of the best and quality fabrics in the world. Their designs are also unique compared to other countries.

Countries With The Best Quality Fabric And Fashion Designs

They have very complicated designs which are not easy to imitate and their attires also stand out.

Though this country is popularly known for rice cultivation, their fabrics are also a unique thing to talk about. The texture is of quality and feels fine in between your fingers.

Their designs comes in a lot of varieties which complements any event..




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