Amazing Designs in Ghana: All the Trends in Fashio...

Amazing Designs in Ghana: All the Trends in Fashion are Showing


collection of designs shows the designer is got style. All is about how the designs are made to reflect current trends in fashion. The outfit normally tells us about the creative instinct of the designer, how sophisticated or even how reflective, so when you dress up and all the trends in fashion are showing, you should know that’s made you well and comfortable.

Big designs usually have a direct relationship with the one who did. As it is, Guys who like dressing well know that’s not a challenge neither is it making them feel uncomfortable rather it gives confidence and enhances recognition. As individuals we talk about branding ourselves, we actually link ourselves up with a particular brand of fashion and identify with it, we’d like wearing classical lables and that’s really amazing. The trend is in Ghana as well!

Really speaking, I don’t seem to get it when somebody tries to say that a lot more people are into fashion designing and so we never get to see the good ones. As a matter of fact that’s how we get to know the good ones among us. Beautiful smiles make it nice when someone is wearing a powerful outfit by a renowned designer. I don’t get it sometimes when I see people with frowning faces in elegant and glamorous dresses. No matter how charming the dresses are, none of them matches the designer perfectly because there’s no sense of smile. Smiling is all you need when all the trends in fashion are showing.

Thanks to Christie Brown and her designs, any of us will say that’s in style. Honestly, after taking a closer look at her designs I asked myself, how is this made in Ghana. Designers like that are not easy to find and when you get to know them, you realise you’ve got what you want. We need all that, in order to it the international world of fashion.

African fashion is moving at a faster pace, in Ghana there’s lot to show how fashionable trends are becoming. People are accustomed to wearing clothes which are made by designers in the country. Most of the celebrities are identified with a particular designer whose clothes are suitable and cost effective. As I said the biggest question which comes up is not what you’re wearing but who you’re wearing. So maybe I’m wearing Aye  Morrison who’s a popular designer in Ghana, instead of saying that’s what I’m wearing, I’ll say that I’m wearing something which is designed by her. I’m wearing B’venage, Poqua poqu and all others, just to mention but a few. All these names are big in Ghana fashion.


Source: FashionGHANA.com

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