And The Award Goes To…


In most circumstances, Pastel colours do not usually tend to suit the majority of us Ghanaians, simply due to the blue undertone that most pastels are made up of. But I must say multi-award winning actress Ama K Abebrese is definitely wearing this colour very well.  This loose fitted mini dress is ideal for any body shape as it hides all the things we Ghanaian ladies would prefer kept under wraps! I love the sheerness of this fabric and the overall fit of the dress is very flattening!

Her straight long hair and fringe give a 60s vibe to the whole look. Her gold shimmer platform heels and that gorgeous multi-coloured clutch in an authentic Ghanaian print just makes the look complete. This look is simple and chic and could be worn for a number of occasions. And being as busy as our dear sister Ama is and   having just been crowned a Screen Nation award winner, this dress will surely make her stand out from the crowd! Please leave your thoughts below.  What do my sassy Ghanaian ladies think?



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