Casual Chic at Its Finest

Casual Chic at Its Finest

ghanalady20Yvonne Nelson proves that less is most definitely more; you can make as much of a statement wearing a pair or black skinny jeans with a tank top , matched with a cropped jean jacket and some killer heels as you can dolled up to the nines.

Her minimalist approach to jewellery just adds to her beauty and allows our eyes to work their way down with no unnecessary traffic lights in the form of unnecessary big earrings or a necklace or even a belt!  This outfit is brought to life with the addition of those strikingly high heels. That’s where all the action is; the statement piece, the crème de la crème, the piece de resistance…..ok let me stop with my French-because that’s all I know! But it doesn’t take much to see that these heels accentuate the wearer’s body frame and allows us to see just how talk and statuesque she is.

It just goes to show how great a pair of heels can make an otherwise quite plain choice of attire look a million bucks!    However ladies, this look isn’t for everyone, but with some small adjustments here and there – eg bootleg for the curvaceous diamond shape or a longer denim jacket for those with a shorter torso- anyone can get away with this look. I’m going to go look for my skinnys right now, what you waiting for?

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