Colour Block Your Way to Style

Colour Block Your Way to Style


The High Street is awash with bold bright and vivid hues, so experiment with loud colours for a dynamic look.  With her bright fuchsia blazer, muted black top and strikingly bright aqua blue maxi skirt, this gorgeous lass is doing just that!

This Bright colour combination gives her a dramatic and confident

As fantastic as this look is, it can be intimidating to wear. If you want to rock this look then you have to go all out, otherwise you run the risk of looking less like a fashion diva and more like you got dressed in the dark. Also make sure your colours are BRIGHT.

And it’s not just about your outer garments; whatever you chose, don’t be afraid to colour code right down to your shoes and socks-if you’re brave enough, that is. So how bold are you feeling?

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