Cor Limey!


The summer heat should never stop you from being adventurous with your outfits! I would never have thought that the colours lime green and black could look and feel airy together. I thought those colors together would look ‘heavy’ and cumbersome. But this outfit looks really well put together.  I also think, paired with the clutch bag,  the style of the open toes pumps chosen are the perfect accents to achieve the

Pairing a light-weight top with a mini skirt makes this Ghanaian chocolate sista look summery. Such colours make our different shades of brown skin look healthy and glowing.

I also love the sherbet color combination of coral pink and tangerine; I think it looks great on any brown skin tones. I’m not sure about all the accessories; I would have just stuck to the black chain and black bracelets, the silver may be a little OTT. But I may be in the minority…what do you ladies think, is our fellow Ghanaian sista in the lime light or the lime low?

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