Finally, you can now play ‘Minecraft’ ...

Finally, you can now play ‘Minecraft’ on Windows Phone too

Given that Microsoft owns Minecraft developer Mojang now, it was only a matter of time before we saw the pixely game make its way to one of the few platforms where it wasn’t already available.

That time is now, as Minecraft: Pocket Edition hits Windows Phone 8.1. For $6.99 you get access to Survival mode — gather resources and build shelter during the day, hide from monsters at night — and Creative mode. The latter of which lets your imagination go wild with unlimited resources and the ability to fly.

And, so long as there are pals on a local WiFi network, it won’t be a lonely affair as you can team up with them for some fort-building shenanigans. How many of them will be on Windows Phone, however, is another matter entirely.


Source: Engadget



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