Hallows eve in +233?

So its been a while since the official Halloween day, but I still want to talk about this topic.

Halloween in Ghana.

I cant remember if I heard of any Halloween parties in Gh last year, but this time around there’s pictures all over Facebook. If you haven’t seen them, go check them out on Talk of Ghana’s Facebook page here. This one was held by some celebrities in support of their foundations. This is obviously and admirable act other celebrities can aspire to.

However this got me thinking, why Halloween. This day has a history shrouded in mystery. Long story short, it has Celtic influences  and is said to have started out as a day to mark the end of summer harvest. it was also known as the day when the door to the “other world” was open so ancestors, spirits, etc could come to the world of the living. People wore costumes in belief that it would ward them off. Its christian influence is said to have come from all saints and souls days celebrations. Halloween was a European tradition, and only came to North America, with the immigration of Scottish and Irish there.

Somehow, this culture, has found its way to Ghana, and I’m not quite sure what to think about it. Some people think its ridiculous, some say “why not?”

So what do you think about it? Is it okay to celebrate Halloween once every year with parties? We are after all living in a globalized world, and cultures are bound to mingle.

Comment to let me know what you think.

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