How to Lighten Hair with Cinnamon

How to Lighten Hair with Cinnamon


Make sure hair is moderately damp.  Mix your preferred conditioner with one or two eggs and /or some olive oil (ensure you add enough conditioner to evenly coat your locks from root to tip).and then simply add the cinnamon powder to the mixture.  The amount you use would be dependent on the length and thickness of your hair, but start off, mix 2 heaped tablespoons of cinnamon powder While you can never use too much, if you use too little,  your lightening will end up uneven and streaky.

Wet your hair and wring out the excess water. Comb your hair carefully to detangle, so as to enable even distribution of the cinnamon mix.

Apply the cinnamon and conditioner mixture evenly to your hair, mixing an extra batch if necessary. You can also comb through your hair periodically to help move the cinnamon and conditioner evenly throughout.

Gather your hair into a loose bun and secure it with a ponytail. However for my natural sistas who have recently done the big chop, this will not be possible so just go to the next step.

Cover your head with a shower cap or if you’re like me, just place a plastic bag and leave overnight. Just make sure you secure it tightly. And that’s it!!

Oh and remember:  you might feel some tingling sensation, but that’s the natural properties of the cinnamon doing its work! In the morning, rinse out your hair. If you have natural hair, you may need to use shampoo to get the cinnamon out. When dry, your hair will smell amazing! Results may vary but in 2-3 months, based on how often, how much, and how dark your original hair colour, you should see a 3-4 shade colour difference.

Word to the fabulous – hair wise: One treatment may not give you the exact results you are looking for, so you may need a few more treatments. But it’s nothing to worry about, it’s only your hair that will benefit from the deep conditioning and it will smell great!

Holla if you have tried this technique before, would you care to grace your fellow Ghanaian sistas with the results?


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