Instagram celebrates 300 million users, which is m...

Instagram celebrates 300 million users, which is more than Twitter

There’s apparently over 300 million people on Instagram – and they’re really sharing those photos: to the tune of 70 million stills and videos every day.

The user count puts it above Twitter, although it’s still far behind the number using Facebook — which, well, owns Instagram. In the last year, it’s added a People tab to coerce users into following more people showcase notable accounts, while Instagram’s spin-off video app, the addictive Hyperlapse, also launched in August — giving a better reason to post videos.

While it might have reached a new user milestone, Instagram’s now attempting to hack away at that number: you might have noticed a little notification inside the app saying that the team was purging spam accounts – warning, your follower count may drop. Meanwhile, celebrities, brands and other well-monied types are being granted with verified badges starting today. Apparently, Mat Smith The Brand still needs some work.




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