Is being natural expensive?


When it comes to hair all women can relate; there is a noticeable spike that a lot of African women are embracing; the habit of keeping their natural hair.

Every single strand of hair from one’s scalp is natural but the natural referred to in this context are limited to unpermed hair strands. Women with the natural hair have a high sense of self-confidence and feel very attractive because most men love the natural beauty of their ladies.

. Others also say having natural hair opens doors for endless styling opportunities and overall is a much healthier choice for your hair; more so portraying the African roots of the natural ladies. However, some have argued that there is a hidden truth in the maintenance of a natural hair. For one to proudly be a member of the natural hair group, the person should be rich enough to buy the very expensive natural hair products.

The least price for their products is $10. A list of some of the popular natural hair products include Olive oil replenishing conditioner, Cantu Shea butter leave – in conditioner, Miss Jessie’s Pillow soft curls, not forgetting Hawaiian Silky cream moisturizing, kinky curling custard gel, Aveda Damage Remedy, Kinky curly Knot Today and among many others.

They argue that the processes involved in the maintenance of a natural hair are too time consuming and very hard to adhere to; such as where some natural hair bloggers insist raw eggs and a coffee or tea rinse are pertinent for healthy hair growth.

But the critics now ask, are these natural hair lovers so rich to afford this every day? So do natural hair lovers and ladies pay more for keeping the African roots of their hair or they are more affordable and less easy to be maintained?


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