Lydia Forson has a message for Ghanaian media “Whe...

Lydia Forson has a message for Ghanaian media “When you go to Nigeria, they support their own”


Lydia Forson has said that Ghanaian media must support the country’s celebrities by projecting their promotional and positive stories instead of always focusing on the negativities.

The award winning actress told Razz Newspaper that, there will not be any more content to feed on if Ghanaian media continues to destroy the celebrities with their various platforms.

“We should be respected for our works. People must respect what we do. We should be supported! “The negative reportage is too much in the industry! Look, when you go to Nigeria, they support their own! In Nigeria, when a celebrity does something wrong and positive, the media would report on the positive more than the negative!” Lydia claimed.

“I’m not saying the media should not report on negative happenings but you should do it sparingly! For instance, I know if I attend an event and I fall, its news and you will report – in the same vein, when I do something positive or achieve a fit, the same energy you guys deplored in reporting the negative, should be given to the positive.”

“If you destroy us and we are no more, what will you report on? We must work hand in hand. Without you we can’t be relevant and without us too, you won’t get content so we must work hand in hand and complete each other,” she said.

Do you share her sentiments?



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