Lydia Forson: I Bought a House, the Day I Moved In...

Lydia Forson: I Bought a House, the Day I Moved In, Three Other People Were Claiming They Owned It

Award winning actress, Lydia Forson was on The KSM Show as part of her media run to promote A Letter from Adam.

Speaking on what influenced the story of her current movie in cinemas, the actress revealed the flick had little to do with her personal story but the emotions in the movie was almost all her.

“A few years back, my parents got divorced. And if you know my family, we were very close. People talk about divorce but they don’t know just how hard it is. It changes everything you had ever known about life.

“You have this perfect world and then it just completely breaks off. So you are torn between two people you love. You are stuck in the middle. The worst part for me was that my brothers lived in abroad and the same year my grandmother died. In the same year, I got kicked out of University because according to them I wasn’t showing up in class often.”

The actress cum producer continued:

“The icing on cake was when I thought I had made some money and went to buy a house. I will never forget that day, I go to the house with this new stove I had bought because that was the first thing I needed; only to meet three other people there claiming that they owned the house. So within a year, everything that could go wrong went wrong.

“So I left Ghana and didn’t want to have anything to do with the country anymore. And coming home was like dealing with all the stuff that had happened.”

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