‘My body, my tattoos’


Actress, Salma Mumin, cannot be bothered about what people think of her numerous tattoos because she loves them and that is what matters.

‘’I have had people say all kinds of things about the tattoos on my body. They have insulted and criticised me but the thing is, it is my body and I just love tattoos.

“ You see, I have reached a point where what people think or say about me do not bother to me anymore. I have come to the conclusion that, if I  keep listening to what people say, I will end up losing myself.

‘’That doesn’t mean I am not open to criticisms, but I just love what I do, I love tattoos and it is something I will do over and over again,’’ she said in an interview with Showbiz last Monday.

Asked if getting a tattoo done was not painful, Salma who has over 10 designs said “ it is not as painful as people think. One just goes through mild pain. Of course, if it were that painful, I wouldn’t have a lot of it on my body. I am a woman and I love my body so why would I put myself through something that will inflict pain on me?

“Also, I do most of the tattoos for my mom, I love her so much that I had to do them for her, I have a tattoo of her face, ‘I love you mom’ among others. I have designs on my shoulders, arm, stomach, chest and legs,’’ she added.

The award winning actress does not agree with the perception that ladies with inked bodies are of low morals. ‘’I always tell people not to allow society to determine how they live their lives. There are a lot of hypocrites around and if you allow them to dictate to you, you will end up not being you, so keep it real and be you.

She advised young people to do what makes them happy, and one of the things that make her happy is tattooing for which reason, she will do it over and over again.

“After all it is my body and I love and enjoy tattooing it, it is beautiful. There is nothing evil about them’’ she said.

Salma who was adjudged the Best Promising International Actress at the Papyrus Magazine Screen Actors Award (PAMSAA) held in Nigeria last year added that, “I want my fans to know that I appreciate their support very much. The road has not been all smooth but God has brought me this far. I will not let them down. I will continue to work hard to fulfill my dream of being one of the top actresses Africa has ever produced”.

Some of the movies Salma has featured in include Passion and Soul, The Will, Seduction, No Apology, Purple Rose, Crazy, Five Brides, Happy Death Day and Family Album which will be premiered next month.



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