Mzbel: A Test Of Maturity


fter a three-year absence from the music scene to have a baby, controversial singer Mzbel is making a return with a new single titled, Legelege, and keen observers are looking forward to see whether indeed Mzbel would stay with her promise to demonstrate maturity in her art.

The song has a very catchy rhythm with a francophone feel that is sure to get people moving on the dance floor. In the song, Mzbel sings in a mixture of French, Ga, Twi and English with some Nigerian slangs thrown in as well. Her message is about being underestimated by her love interests just because her body is legelege, which is a Ga jargon, for slim or skinny.

She sings that despite being skinny she is capable of achieving things that will amaze her lover. Speaking with Showbiz, last Tuesday, Mzbel explained that her song was open to interpretation. “Legelege has both naughty and innocent interpretations. The innocent interpretation is to remind people not to judge by appearances.

You might see someone and because the person is petite or small, you feel she is not capable of great things. On the other hand, you might see someone with a small body but you would be surprised at the type of things the person can do,” she said. On the question of why she had adopted a more francophone style on her latest single Legelege, Mzbel explained this was to reach out to a much wider audience. “You have to follow the trend currently.

We want our music to cross borders into our neighbouring countries and as such, you can’t focus on simply doing songs in Twi, exclusively for the local market.

This is the reason Legelege has a blend of different rhythms and languages,” she explained. The Sixteen Years star, told Showbiz that she was back to take her rightful place on the music scene and she would do this by releasing a single every three months.

“I am back strong and hard with Legelege and I’m amazed at the reaction and response I’ve had from social media, it’s been overwhelming. Even though I’m making a comeback, I don’t see the current female artistes as competition because most of them don’t do the genre of music that I do.”

She asked her fans to get ready to be amazed and revealed that she has numerous gigs and events lined up, including a press launch to officially announce her comeback and a concert at the National Theatre in February.

Source: Daily Graphic



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