Pray for a good husband for me; Gospel singer asks...

Pray for a good husband for me; Gospel singer asks fans

Selina Boateng Prisons Tour

After voting for her to win the Gospel Song of the Year award at the recent VGMAs, the fans of Selina Boateng are being asked to do one more favour for the Alpha and Omega singer – “to support and pray” for her in her choice of husband.

Selina, whose single status has recently become an issue for discussion on her Facebook page, says she appreciates the concern of the many “good Samaritans”, who have been advising her to settle down.

Selina told Showbiz on Tuesday that, many of her followers on social media have continuously raised questions about her status, which in her view is a “show of love” but she doesn’t feel “pressured and disturbed” by that.

“I don’t know why people always ask me when I’m settling down. It is a good feeling to know that others care about you and what you do, but you see, marriage is a long journey which takes a lot of preparations. Besides, I am yet to clock 30 so I’m not late at all,” she said.

Selina said that many people have assumed that she was hitting 40 years because of her big body, which makes her look more mature than her age. That, she said, had been the bone of contention between her and her admirers because they think she is growing old.

But Selina says she cannot be blamed for the kind of figure she possesses because it is genetic and she inherited that from her mother.

“One thing that I have always been particular about is my weight. Because I am always in the public eye, I do a lot of exercises to keep my weight in check but sincerely, it hasn’t been easy,” she said.

There has been a perception that female gospel artistes have a preference for pastors and by this assumption, Selina is likely to marry a man of God in future. But Selina laughed it off when the question was put to her.

“Really? Well, that may not be my choice. I have always told God to give me a man who will understand the kind of work I do and support me to progress in my career. What I look out for is a God fearing man and not necessarily a pastor.

Marrying a pastor is not a guarantee for a successful marriage,” she stated. As a young singer with a great voice, Selina started her career as a backing vocalist and worked with the likes of Ernest Opoku, Mama Esther and other known gospel artistes at the time.

Her service to the “seniors” in the profession was a learning platform which she said, helped to groom her for a bigger platform.

For her, the fruits of that service, she believes is what she is reaping today as one of the celebrated gospel artistes in the industry today.

“When you serve people well and with all your heart, God blesses you and opens doors for you as well. That is what happened in my case. He blessed me because I served others wholeheartedly”.

But the success, she disclosed didn’t come on a silver platter. Selina had to struggle for a producer in 2004 when she released her debut album, Dakro Beye Meda.

Currently being produced by CEBEX Productions, Selina has other albums, Meye Nhyira, Menko Meho and I’m Grateful to her credit.

She expressed her appreciation to all those who have supported her career. “My fans have been my greatest inspiration on this journey. I appreciate them a lot because for me, they are my family,” she stated.

Source: Ghanaweb



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