Sandra Ankobiah Wants You to Know That ‘She is a P...

Sandra Ankobiah Wants You to Know That ‘She is a Practising Lawyer First’ Before Everything Else

Sandra Ankobiah


If it has just been revealed that I could not graduate from the Law School because I failed many of my subjects, perhaps due to the fact that I am too focused on Showbiz—and a colleague Showbiz person who successfully completed the same Law School stamps her territory this way in my face, that would hurt body and soul…

Yesterday, it emerged that Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku allegedly failed so many of her modules at the Law School and as such, she could not complete her course. She was not alone in the failure pot because dancehall artiste-Kaaki was also alleged to have ended her pursuit of a degree in Nursing at Legon; for the reason that she allegedly couldn’t stop failing.

Sandra Ankobiah who was used as a benchmark in reporting the above story—in fact her success was compared to Naa Ashorkor’s alleged mistake, has taken to instagram to sort of stamp things in the face of Naa Ashorkor; saying, people should not get things twisted about her status.

On her instagram page, Sandra Ankobiah posted the above photo and wrote; “I’m a practising Lawyer first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. Don’t get it twisted, and most importantly don’t let the glam fool you. SANDRA ANKOBIAH, (ESQ) LLB, LLM, BL. Barrister & Solicitor of the Superior Courts of Ghana. #YouCantSitWithMe.”

So now you know the score; don’t get it twisted because you may not only get punched by Sandra, you could be sued too…

By the way, is every qualified in Ghana lawyer not a Barrister and Solicitor by default? Do we have that Barrister and Solicitor distinction in Ghana for Sandra to have stated that she is both? Come on Sandra, don’t be cheeky—-you will let others cry tonight…



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