What Do Women Want In A Man?

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From the top of my head I could rattle of cliché answers like love, money, looks, intelligence, and care. But, it is much dicier. Every woman is unique in her own way. A combination of a few might work for some. Others can make do with one quality though qualities as such are rarely exclusive of all others.

For a few women however, it has to be everything. Such women are more likely going to spend the rest of their lives not being content with their man and always looking above their shoulders to see if they can better deal.

So, what do women want?
Love: Every woman wants love. We all seem to agree. But, what is love? Does every woman want a man who loves them, or a man they love? Both? Wouldn’t that be ideal? As much as we want people to believe, love is not really this deep unconditional emotional feeling. Love is very often based on a factor or combination of factors. Maybe the way a guy smiles, maybe the way he takes control, could be the way he keels to your whims.

So, the next time you’re inclined to declare, “She doesn’t want love”, know this. She does! She loves Musah. Is it because he has money? Maybe! Does he love her back? Irrelevant, but at least, we’ve established that, she’s after love, as vague and relative to situations as it is.

Money: Most guys I know have their money on this (pun intended). I agree. Money makes everything easier. Women love money because they know this. Women who make their own money will feel better knowing their man makes enough not to feast off their own. Now, here is the reason I think this is becoming an overshadowing factor. Because men think women want money, they are more likely to pursue it to the detriment of all other attributes that should make them better people, or make a relationship work.

Now, women realize the only thing they’re probably going to get in most guys is money. So, they look for guys with more money to compensate for the fact that they could potentially be lacking in other character traits. This is not being shallow, it’s being rational. So guys, hold on to this belief. Let it be reason to fuel your ambition, that’s if making the world a better place, giving back to your parents and community, and being more secure financially are not already good enough reasons.

Matched Intelligence: Every woman looks for intelligence in a man. The level of intelligence sought varies from woman to woman though. The higher the level of the considered intelligence of a woman, the more intelligent she’ll want her man to be. There are exceptions to the rule though. Not going into that today.

Looks: Every woman has what she considers acceptable as looks in a man. Obia ne ni taste. Some pursue guys considered handsome. The higher a girls sense of security and self worth, the more handsome she thinks her man has to be. Unless you’re that girl who’ll prefer the ugly ass dude because you think no one else will want him.

Newsflash: Girlfriend, you’re dating him will increase his likability by several factors, and many other girls will want him. Now, a guy being handsome is not necessarily the features you were born with. It’s how u dress, the confidence you ooze, your smell and that sly smile that says I can get the most beautiful girl in this room.

Credit: Saajida Shiraz


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