5 things Men must avoid to make their wedding nigh...

5 things Men must avoid to make their wedding night a memorable one for their wife



Most men plan on making their wedding night sex a memorable one but they end up ruining it easily avoid.

Below are 5 mistakes men make that ruin the wedding night

1. Drinking too much

The temptation to drink too much on the day of their wedding is just too much for most men to resist. They are excited about getting married and want to celebrate the day by taking in so much alcohol with friends but it could just ruin your wedding night sex. Too much alcohol affects a man’s performance in the bedroom so you have to reduce the intake so you can have an amazing night with your wife.

2. Take it easy

The pressure of wanting to be the boss and hit it as hard as possible is usually high during wedding night sex but it is advised you take it easy and follow her lead through how she responds to your every touch and stroke. The nerve ending in her lady part is numerous so try not to use force except when she wants you to.

3. Forget what you see in the movies

We all know how amazing they make sex look in the movies but it is advised you don’t expect what you see in movies because most of the acts are sometimes exaggerated. Sometimes we make that mistake of wanting to create that perfect movie sex with our partners and end up ruining it.

4. Avoid The Temptation Of Going For The Jugular

The excitement of getting married might make most men so eager to go for the jugular. Calm down and take your time as you explore your wife. You should understand a woman’s body takes more time to get ready for sex so try getting her ready by touching, kissing etc. Avoid the temptation of going for the jugular.

5. Getting Started

It’s a special night and nothing should distract what you are about to share with your wife. Forget every flaw you noticed during the wedding ceremony like the error the cake designer made with the cake, the awful band that nearly ruined your wedding etc and focus on your woman. You have the following day to worry about that but this night should be just about your wife. Ensure you create that intimacy and connection with her.




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