A Ray of Sunshine in the Mist of Dots

A Ray of Sunshine in the Mist of Dots

ghanaladies56I have so much love for this skirt: black on white polka dots- an array of ideas came into my mind when I saw this class look and I knew as soon as I saw this picture I would re-create it. (I wore a similar outfit to church last night-didn’t take any pictures, how silly of me!!) In general, I love polka dots and vibrant colours together and I have a really simple formula for making it work. The key is in the background/base colour of each piece: you simply have to pair a light piece with a dark piece. So as this sassy chick has done in her outfit, her skirt is mostly dark (black), and her top is mostly light (yellow).

My outfit was put together a little bit differently. I wore my black and white polka skirt with a royal blue shirt. I threw on an identical red belt and matching red pumps to pull the pieces together, as our fellow sista in the picture. I will definitely be trying the outfit with another coloured  belt in the future-maybe blue or white, but nonetheless, thanks for the inspiration sis!

Doesn’t this outfit just inspire you to create your own look?? Have you tried polka dots? How would you wear your polka dot?

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