Food for Love: Sorrel Cake, Mixed Fruits& Sor...

Food for Love: Sorrel Cake, Mixed Fruits& Sorrel syrup

Hungry for some sweet dessert?

Give oga a break from his regular swallow food.

Funke Koleoso promises to bring a detailed recipe in due time. Find below a list of some of the ingredients that she used.

  • Sorrel petals (I used the dried ones because they were the ones I could lay my hands on. I imagine the fresh sorrel will be equally good, perhaps produce more acidic taste.)
  • Sugar (you cannot really avoid the use of sugar when making desserts)
  • A mixture of your favourite fruits. Would have loved to use some Nigerian fruits like iyeye (hog plum)awin, velvet tamarind etc…..
  • Good quality ice-cream ( It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to make my own sorrel ice-cream some day.)
  • Edible flowers. These are essential for making the presentation pop.


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