HIV Is Now A Life Style So What’s Wrong If I...

HIV Is Now A Life Style So What’s Wrong If I’m Positive? – Afia Schwarzenegger


Actress, Radio and TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, known in real life as Valentina Nana Agyiewaa has expressed her disappointment in Ghanaians, regarding numerous negative reports the media is fabricating about her of late. Especially the rumor that states she is HIV positive.

Touching on the hearsay that says she is HIV positive, Afia Schwarznegga in an interview with Feeling Daddy on the Penpenaa Show on Spice 91.9FM angrily said, she has no HIV.

According to her gone are the days where HIV was seen as a very dangerous virus, but now, HIV is a lifestyle. It is managed just like Diabetes is managed. All one has to do is to take his/her medication serious, and that person will leave a normal life, so even if she is HIV positive, she has no problem with that.

“If I have HIV, pardon my words, do I transfer my blood to Ghanaians on TV? Or I have sex with my viewers when I’m on TV? Who accompanied me for a test” She angrily quizzed. “Some things are stupid.” She shouted in anger.

She advised Ghanaians to do away with the negative perception that HIV is deadly, therefore patients should be isolated.

“Some people see that I have what they don’t have. They can never be me. The thing is, when I am awake in the middle of the night praying to God, they are at the night club.” She added.







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