How to Wear Shorts With Panache

How to Wear Shorts With Panache


Now I don’t usually wear shorts, but I think this classy  Ghanaian lady may just have convinced me to delve into this world that has since been a bit of a no go area for me. If I am ever to wear shorts, this is most definitely how I want to look in them; with her purple/fushcia and red patterned shorts married with a simple black top and ravishingly red blazer, this look most definitely personifies class. What I love more is how she has matched the colour of her lips to the purple/fuschia accents in her shorts! Genius! Her creative look is complete with those delectable strappy sandals and matching gold necklace. I mean, who can ask for more? This look would have looked equally as classy with a white or even red top, but I’m not complaining; this look is 100% pleasing to my eyes, although I’m not quite sure where I would wear this look, ladies, any ideas?

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