Joselyn storms Nima market with her ‘Xcholera Camp...

Joselyn storms Nima market with her ‘Xcholera Campaign’


Actress/TV personality, Joselyn Dumas as part of her social responsibilities has taken upon herself to embark on a campaign dubbed ‘Xcholera Campaign’ to help fight cholera in the country.

Already, Miss Dumas has visited places like the Okaishie and Kaneshie markets to educate traders on the need to keep their environments clean. Yesterday (29th October, 2014), Miss Dumas and her team took the campaign to the Nima market to sensitize the traders.

In her submission, she emphasised on the need to regularly wash our hands with soap, eat hot foods, and keep our surroundings free from filth. These, according to her, are simple practices we can embark on to get rid of the deadly disease.

Speaking to the media, Miss Dumas indicated that it is her wish to see all Ghanaians live a healthy life free of cholera. According to her, there are few markets she intends to visit before moving on to the next phase of her campaign.

With support from Lifebuoy, Ernest Chemist, and Aquatork Water Company, Miss Dumas distributed free Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) and soaps to the traders.

She expressed her gratitude to the traders for hosting her in the market.

In attendance to support the campaign were Deborah Vanessah, employees of Fidelity bank, and other volunteers.



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